Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Belles Pound Cake

Sharon Crow and Caroline Aderholt, of Two Belles Pound Cake, have got something special in their Southern pound cakes! These two ladies from Alabama clearly take pride in their cakes. “From the beginning we wanted to honor our heritage by honoring the Southern ladies who influenced our lives. Many of our recipes come directly from the ladies for whom they are named.” Each cake is homemade with quality ingredients and flavored with love in every bite.

These pound cakes are available for online orders, but you’ll have a tough time trying to select a cake among the key lime pound cake, the cream cheese pound cake with chocolate chips, the orange and lemon pound cake with orange glaze, the dark chocolate pound cake with chocolate glaze, or any of the other cakes—they all look mouthwatering!

McHubby and I tasted
The Annemarie Pound Cake, a best-selling cake with coconut, almond, and rum flavorings. The cake came wrapped in plastic and tied with a black ribbon with white bordered stitching, like a beautiful gift that I just couldn’t wait to open! The three flavors of this dessert marry together perfectly and aren’t overpowering at all. The cake is so moist and fluffy light with a hint of a crunchy glaze. Each bite is simply heavenly!

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